Technics 1210

We bring your old Technics 1210-MKII turntables back to a bearable condition.
Typical problems and maintenance are
- Age-related electronic problems, capacitors dry out, wow and flutter, pitch is wrong.
- Someone has already tinkered with it, pitch is wrong
- The pitch fader is soiled by cola / alcohol etc., the pitch is incorrect
- Motor jumps forwards and backwards or suddenly runs backwards
- The turntable is totally rocked and the pitch is wrong
- Tonearm wobbles, incorrectly adjusted, needle always jumps, even without scratching
- Record player hums, cable defective
- Cleaning of dust and debris, cleaning of the circuit board. Lubricate ball bearings with special oil
- Overhaul of the pitch fader, cleaning, lubrication, removal of the zero point click
- Pickup connections are oxidized and do not make proper contact
Tell us your problem, we will get your 1210 going again for a fair price.